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Top Safety Tips for Children on Firework Night and Halloween

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Fireworks Burn Prevention

Bonfire Night and Halloween celebrations have become extremely popular, with more parties and gatherings taking place than many of us remember from our own childhoods!

Fireworks, fancy dress and fun decorations are all super exciting for children, however it goes without saying that they also have the potential to present a number of serious hazards.

Here are our top essential tips to ensure your children (as well as adults and your home itself) stay safe and free from harm whilst still enjoying the fun:

  1. Attend organised displays
    If you are taking your family to see a bonfire or firework display, be sure to attend one which has been organised officially. Professionally-run events will adhere to health and safety regulations, with the dangers and risks to attendees removed.
  2. Fancy dress outfits can be highly flammable
    Children are most at risk due to their height and proximity to open flames. To reduce the risk, make sure any candles are placed out of reach of the children, and that open fires have a fire-guard placed in front.
  3. Never leave boxes of fireworks unattended
    Fireworks should be kept away from any sources of heat or ignition and be kept dry. They should be stored in their original packaging and ideally in a lockable container or cabinet. Do not let children access them at any stage before, during or after they have been used.
  4. Candles and lit pumpkins create atmosphere but can be extremely dangerous
    Never leave an open flame unattended, and make sure any candles are placed out of the reach of children. Be aware of the placement of pumpkins and lanterns, and place them away from any decorations or costumes that can catch. You may want to consider switching to LED candles for extra safety.
  5. Discarded fireworks and bonfires retain their heat
    It is not only lit fires and fireworks that can burn; they retain heat for many hours after they have burnt out. Keep children away from all discarded fireworks and bonfire sites, and ensure they are supervised during and after the celebrations.
  6. Sparklers are no less dangerous
    Pretty and fun for children, sparklers are a popular choice. However, they present the same risks of burns and scalds as other fireworks. Always hold sparklers at arm’s length and wear gloves when handling them. Once the sparklers are out, put them in a bucket of water immediately.
  7. Hot food can harm
    Bowls of warming chilli and hot chocolate are delicious but can harm. Keep hot food and liquids away from where children can reach them, and don’t let small children serve themselves without help from an adult.

As with all of our advice around fire safety, the emphasis is on awareness. If you take care, and are mindful of the potential hazards that could cause burns and scalds, you and your family can enjoy a safe and relaxing Bonfire Night and Halloween.

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