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Corporate support

Your company could get involved in a number of ways, from nominating us as your Charity of the Year to organising a fundraising event.

There are enormous benefits that can be gained from partnering with the Children’s Burns Trust, as this kind of activity allows an organisation to demonstrate in their own way, individual corporate and social responsibilities.

There is so much more to supporting the Children’s Burns Trust than just making a one off donation, and our corporate pack contains information that will help your organisation to
tailor their support to Children’s Burns Trust in a manner that reflects your individual corporate activities, products, services and ethical perspectives.

So, it doesn’t matter on the size of your organisation, there are endless ways to support!

Please download our Corporate Supporters Pack and contact us to talk through the options.

Cooper's Fire

Download our Corporate Supporters pack



children a day are burned by hot drinks


children were seriously burned or scalded in 2022


decline in fundraising income last year

Corporate supporters

Our corporate supporter provide invaluable support and funds for us to continue the work we do – reducing and preventing burns and scalds to children and supporting burn survivors and their families.

Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP)

The ASFP are strong supporters of the Children’s Burns Trust and have organised several fundraising events in aid of the charity. Their Golf Days alone have raised over £3,000. Our thanks to all who supported the ASFP Charity Golf Days.

Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA)

The BMA, with its 100+ member brands, are proud to support the valuable work of the Children’s Burns Trust. The BMA champion the Hot Water Burns Like Fire Campaign, raising awareness of the dangers of uncontrolled hot water in the bathroom. Children’s Burns Trust is nominated as the BMA’s favourite charity.

Fire Investigations (UK) LLP

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd support the Children’s Burns Trust by supplying printed literature and display material. Reliance is pleased to allow the Children’s Burns Trust permission to use the ‘Hot Water Burns Like Fire images and wording, which are immediate and powerful conveyors of the impact of scalding risks to children.

HCC Solicitors

HCC Solicitors are an award-winning law firm which represent clients and families who have experienced a life-changing injury or fatality. Their aim is to help families get the physical rehabilitation, emotional rehabilitation and financial compensation to help get their lives back on track.

Metro Safety

Metro Safety support the Children’s Burns Trust through fundraising. To date they have taken part in sponsored walks, cycle rides and organised a series of in-house events, such as a Jubilee tea party, a Director’s Breakfast and the Metro Olympics.

Mini First Aid

Mini First Aid are a national provider of first aid education and training. Founded in 2014, it is now a multi-award-winning organisation and has almost 70 franchises nationwide.

The UK Fire Association

The UK Fire Association are recognized in the UK fire trade as being the first choice for small and medium sized enterprises to turn to for help and support. Today they represent over 200 members and welcome new members all year round. Their goal is to ensure the UK-FA is friendly, helpful, inexpensive, providing confidence and or straightforward no nonsense advice.

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