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Burns database

More and more government, health and social care agencies are acknowledging the importance of prevention. Children’s Burns Trust provides the latest paediatric burn injury data through the iBID database

Burns database

This postcode checker tool is powered by the International Burn Injury Database (iBID), incorporating data collected from all NHS Burn Services in England and Wales. They do not include the minor burns and scalds that are treated by Accident and Emergency Departments.

By entering a postcode, a report will be generated, giving information on child burns according to:

  • Injury Type
  • Category
  • Living Space
  • Age Group


These reports are from the international Burn Injury Database (iBID), incorporating data collected from all NHS Burn Services in England and Wales, they do not include the minor burns and scalds that are treated by Accident and Emergency Departments. We very much hope that you will find this useful, and welcome any feedback/comments you have on the new Burn Injury Report facility.

Accurate Information about Burns and Scalds in the UK

Our Medical Trustee, Mr Ken Dunn FRCS is Medical Director of the International Burn Injury Database (iBID) says “This is the UK’s first database that contains accurate information about the nature of burns and scalds affecting children in the UK. Before this database was constructed there was no information which provided reliable figures for local Government, health or central Government bodies. This makes the job of central Government to inform and advise the general public about prevention measures almost impossible. Furthermore, those responsible for medical and healthcare budgetary planning have to rely on ‘estimates’ and unreliable data often resulting in inadequate budget provision.”

The database has been developed to assist in two ways:

  • Providing technical data for those involved in the care and support of children with burns; academics, clinicians and service planners;
  • The database assists in developing an educational Learning Zone, which can be visited by carers, teachers and children of all ages. The Learning Zone gives you free and easy access to a wide variety of online resources, e-learning programmes, professional development tools and information to prevent burns and scalds happening to children. Visit the Learning Zone here

You can be part of our Prevention campaign. We need your support to continue this vital work, and of course, we need your money. But it’s not just a one-way street. By making a donation to our Prevention campaign you will be helping to prevent a child going through the painful treatment and huge psychological impact after a burn injury.

Facts and Figures

Download pdf’s of the latest facts and figures from the International Burn Injury Database incorporating the UK

  • Across the board (children & adults) scalds are the most common cause of burn injury, representing 43% of acute burn injuries
  • It is estimated that on average 110 children per day are seen in emergency departments with burn injuries – 46 as a result of a hot cup of tea or coffee spill
  • The majority of burn injuries occurring to children are between 3 and 6pm
  • The most common place of injury for children is in the home – 49% of whom are burnt in the kitchen
  • The average cost to the NHS for a major burn is £168,155
  • Burn cooling is critical in the initial first aid response to injury – applying cool running water for 20 minutes is considered best practice

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We provide direct support to families, family weekends, burns camps, equipment to hospitals, a private group for parents and carers of burn injured children.

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We work with others to raise awareness of burns and scalds including prevention campaigns.

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Could you or your local community organise a fundraiser for us? No amount is too small and you can be sure the money you raise will go directly to help where it is most needed.

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