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‘tis the season to…stay safe. Top Tips for Burn and Scald Prevention at Christmas

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Christmas is such a special and enjoyable time of year, however during the festive holidays it is extremely important to be extra vigilant around the home for potential fire, burn and scald hazards that could have an everlasting affect on children.

A burn injury is for life, and so taking the time to reduce the risk of injuries to your children is as important as the other items on your festive to-do list.

Here are our tip tips for keeping your children safe from burns and scalds during the Christmas period:

  1. Candles are often lit around Christmas time, creating a warm and lovely atmosphere. Please never leave candles unattended or children alone in a room where candles are lit, even if it is just for a minute.
  1. During winter more hot drinks – teas, coffee, hot chocolate and warming mulled wine –  are drunk than any other time of the year. Hot drinks are the most common causes of burns and scalds to children, with over 50% of children admitted to hospital having been scalded by a hot drink.  Remember, a hot drink can still scald a small child up to fifteen minutes after being poured, so keep them out of reach of children at all times.
  1. Christmas trees are a wonderful way to celebrate and decorate your home during the festive period, but take care not to not overload sockets with extra plugs from fairy lights and other electrical products. Never leave Christmas tree lights on overnight, or when the house isn’t occupied.
  1. Everyone loves their Christmas dinner on Christmas Day, a special time for the whole family to come together. However, the festive kitchen can be busier and more chaotic than usual so extra care is needed. Be careful when removing hot food from the oven and be aware of any spitting from hot liquids on the hob, especially when young children are in the room. Place all saucepans at the back of the hob, with handles turned away, to make sure small children can’t reach them.
  1. When buying those all important Christmas presents remember to always buy electrical products from reputable retailers. Chargers that aren’t especially made for the specific electrical devices can be a fire hazard, so be careful about what you buy and plug in in your home. Take a look at our Top Tips for Technology and Electrical Safety blog.
  1. Going out on the town to celebrate with your friends and family over the Christmas period is a fun part of the celebrations. For ladies and gents who use hair straighteners, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping them out of reach of children. Hair straighteners and curling irons can reach temperatures of 235°C and stay hot for up to 40 minutes after they have been switched off. Hair straighteners are responsible for 5% of the serious burns which happen to children in the UK.

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A burn injury is for life

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