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Season’s greetings – December 2020

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As 2020 draws to a close, we wanted our final post of the year to convey our thanks for the wonderful support we have had and share our warmest wishes for a Happy Christmas.

Roundup of the charity’s activities and fundraising:

This update includes just a snapshot of the work of the charity in the last few months and some of the people and organisations who, through their own efforts, donations and resources, have enabled Children’s Burns Trust to deliver them.  We receive no government funding and are only able to continue the work that we do as a result of our own fundraising efforts and by the help of our wonderful supporters. 

Like so many other charities, large and small, this year we have seen a significant drop in fundraising income. With families living and working on top of each other, burn injuries involving children are still taking place. Every day. Your support changes lives and can help us continue to deliver our programme, and to work on ways to adapt some of the vital rehabilitation services that can no longer be delivered face to face.

Please be assured, your support changes lives and we are so grateful to those who are able to donate this year:


As a small charity the Children’s Burns Trust has been able to weather the challenges of Covid 19 fairly well.  2020 has seen some changes to the way we deliver our support, not least the closure of our London office and a move to remote working. 

Our new contact details are:
Alison Tweddle, Operations Manager, Children’s Burns Trust
5 Wythwood, Haywards Heath RH16 4RD
07802 635590

We continue to concentrate on our three key areas, and some of the ways we have done this in 2020 include:

  • PREVENTION – between March and June we worked closely with the Child Accident Prevention Trust to promote Child Safety Week.  Lessons learnt from that campaign informed our approach to this year’s National Burn Awareness Day, which saw a marked increase of online activity.  Social media played a key role leading up to and on the day.  Later in October we secured TV coverage on BBC London and ITV Granada promoting the dangers of fireworks and are extremely grateful to Joe and Rosie-May, both of whom have suffered firework injuries and were willing to share their experiences.       

    We also presented at the Trick or Treat ASB Digital Day – an online event virtually attended by practitioners from the Community Safety Landscape (Housing, Police, Fire & Rescue Services, Local Authorities, Health Professionals and Lawyers).

  • REHABILITATION – as we were unable to run any face-to-face support and rehabilitation interventions this year we have been working closely with Burn Care Professionals to develop an on-line family event which is planned for early 2021.   We have also launched a private Facebook Group where parents and carers of children with a burn or scald injury can communicate and support one another.  This has proved extremely popular.

  • SUPPORT – year-on-year data from the Burn Injury Database shows a clear link between paediatric burns and social deprivation – we continue to provide support to families whilst their child is an in-patient/requiring on-going treatment. 

At the Children’s Burns Trust we are fortunate to be updated about the latest medical research and advances in the arena of burns and scarring.  The work of Dr Julian Dye at Oxford University is just one of the research projects that we have been invited to contribute to this year.


We truly appreciate the wonderful individuals who give their time, effort and ability to raise funds for us, in the last few months these have included:

  • An Artist who raised £200 from sales of his prints, in honour of his brother who died as a result of severe burns
  • A Craft Group who sent us £250 – the proceeds of sales of face masks they had made
  • A Supporter who took part in the Hever Castle Triathlon and raised £345
  • A Facebook group in Kent who sent us £55.72

Corporate Supporters

We are very fortunate to receive donations and support from our Corporate Supporters – the support we receive from them, both through fundraising and through sharing our messages via social media is invaluable.  

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) have again supported us in 2020, with a very generous donation of £2,000.

This is just a snapshot of the people and the activities they have undertaken in the last few months – our sincere thanks to EVERYONE who supports us, not only financially but also by sharing, raising awareness and promoting the work that we do.

As with many charities, our income has suffered enormously in recent years.  We greatly appreciate all donations – whatever the size!

With sincere thanks and very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from all at Children’s Burns Trust.

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