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Fisher Price Coffee Cup Teether – remove from sale

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Earlier this year, a friend of the Children’s Burns Trust shared with us a product that is for sale here in the UK and internationally, which we are deeply concerned about.

As we have previously reported, data provided by the International Burn Injury Database (iBID)show that 25% of all burns to children are tea and coffee cup spills. In the UK, this equates to NHS services treating more than 30 babies and toddlers with a hot drink burn every single day.

We wrote to Mattel, the manufacturer of the Fisher Price Coffee Cup Teether, to express our concerns regarding this product and requesting that they consider removing it from the market.

At the time of writing, we have not had a response and it has not been possible to reach Mattel via email or telephone.

With National Burn Awareness Day 2021 on the horizon we are reaching out to families, organisations and our friends across the burns community to join us in a campaign to lobby Mattel and have this dangerous product removed from sale.

Would you like to join our campaign?

Alongside our friends at the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the National Fire Chiefs Council, KidRapt, the National Fire Protection Association and the Metropolitan Fire Chief’s Association, we are inviting other organisations and individuals to join our campaign to have this product removed from sale worldwide.

Please look out for our posts on social media and like, share and re-tweet with your own followers.


Online petition

We have set up an online petition to gather signatures from those people who agree that the Fisher Price Teether is not an appropriate toy to be on sale.

Please sign and share the petition here:

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