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New unique clothing brand Cauz Club supports Children’s Burns Trust

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Cauz is a unique clothing brand started by Rob Lyon. Each month Cauz partner with a charity that become part of the ‘Cauz Club’ and October is dedicated to the Children’s Burn Trust. This involves Cauz raising awareness of the work of the charity and educating their customers on our important messages. £5 from every single sale in October goes into the Cauz Club fund which benefits a select group of charities, including the Children’s Burns Trust.

Rob said:

We wanted to work with CBT because of the incredible support they give families. With two young daughters myself, I can’t imagine the trauma that must come from a serious burn or scald. Their campaigning will prevent injuries, and for those unfortunate enough to suffer a burn, the rehabilitation and support they provide is invaluable.

To help them understand our work, we invited Cauz to come behind the scenes of one of our Family Weekends, showing what this crucial part of our support and rehabilitation programme means to burn survivors and their families. Cauz visited Jubilee House in Penrith, Cumbria, one of the Family Weekend locations. They saw how the weekends brings together nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, play specialists and psychologists along with burn survivors and their families; as well scar and stress management workshops the families enjoy activities like swimming, music workshops and quiz’s. These fantastic weekends give burn survivors and their families the chance to spend time with together and share experiences with others who may have had similar experiences.

The following film was shot by Cauz at Jubilee House, with contributions from our friends at the Fire Fighter Charity and the NHS, and highlights some of the many benefits of our Family Weekends.


About Cauz:

Rob set up Cauz after a near death experience lead him to start something that has real purpose. Rob was on the bridge during the terror attack in Westminster on March 22nd 5 innocent people were killed and 50 others seriously injured, but miraculously Rob was able to return to his family without a scratch. The trauma of that day still haunts Rob, but he has been driven to turn the terrifying negative into a positive to help others and improve the world his children will grow up in.

Please take a look at and give them a follow on Instagram: @cauzclub

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