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#BeatingBurns – Meeting Lucy, a Burn Survivor

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Lucy - Beating Burn, Burn Survivor

I was extremely excited when CBT asked me to be their new monthly blogger. The ability to help inspire burn survivors and their families through their journeys of recovery has always been an ambition of mine. The “Beating Burns” blog will be your monthly intake, covering a variety of topics to help you as survivors and your families.

As a burn survivor, I have experienced the highs and lows of having burn scarring and I know how difficult it can be. Throughout my blogs, I will share these experiences with you and aim to offer all of my advise to you based on my personal development as a burn survivor.

I was scalded the day before my first birthday when I was left unsupervised in the bathroom. I had accidentally knocked the hot tap, which left me with 34% burns to my body.

Burn Survivor Lucy as a baby

Unfortunately, stories like mine aren’t uncommon. Nearly 300 people a year are so badly burnt that they have to be admitted to an NHS specialist burns service with severe scalds from tap water in their bath, sink or shower, two thirds of these are children.

It was a long recovery for me. Eventually, the pressure garments came off. My tube was thrown away, the boxing gloves as bandages got thinner and I slowly but surely learnt to ignore the whispers and the stares.

Our lovely Lucy - Burn Survivor

Although I was told I wouldn’t walk, I competed in 1500m races at school. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to write although I now have a journalism degree. I have little grip in my right hand but I learnt how to drive. I have learnt that burns doesn’t have to define you and yet we should come together to embrace them.

I am now 22 and have spoken with burn survivors from around the world, listening to many survival stories. In June, I met burn survivors in India and Nepal to learn what it is like to be a burn survivor in a developing country.

Burn Survivor Lucy Meeting other Burn Survivors around the world

As a burn survivor, I am still learning new things everyday, but I am excited about sharing all of my knowledge and content with you. I will advise you on how to deal with people’s reactions, what the pros of being a burn survivor are as well as sharing messages from other survivors and their families.

Many of our stories will be different, but very similar in the fact that we carry our scars around with us everyday.

Here, I hope that you can find lots of useful information, which you can use in your everyday lives. As a burn community, we’re here to offer a helping hand.

Lets beat burns together!



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