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3 Ways to Enjoy A Safe Christmas

Christmas lights

December is here, which means Christmas is fast approaching. Last year we put together a blog post containing our top-tips on burn prevention at Christmas time. This year, we’ve invited out friends at Electrical Safety First to join us as guest bloggers to share their expert opinion on how to keep children (and us adults) safe from burns and scalds.

Ho ho ho! The Christmas adverts are playing on the TV and homes across the UK are already twinkling with fairy lights and festive cheer. But are you taking dangerous risks with your safety during the holidays? We’ve highlighted some common activities that may be putting you and your family in danger, with some simple tips to help you stay safe.

Deck The Halls

After twelve months packed away in the loft, Christmas lights can easily become electrically unsafe. To prevent your little ones from receiving a nasty shock, check your lights for faults and loose wires. If they’re looking a bit dodgy, replace them! Always remember to switch them off before you leave the house or go to bed, and make sure any leads are safely tucked away where they can’t be pulled on by little hands.

Take care not to overload your sockets and try to avoid the use of extension leads or adaptors – it’s easy for over-excited children to trip over them!

Shop Safely This Silly Season

When the kids are asking Father Christmas for expensive gifts such as drones and hoverboards, it’s tempting to cut costs wherever you can. But you know the old saying: if a bargain looks too good to be true, it probably is.  These days, it can be almost impossible to tell a fake product from a genuine one. Gone are the days of misspelled names and dodgy logos! When you’re out hunting for Christmas presents, it’s crucial that you know how to identify the tell-tale signs of a fake.

So why are counterfeit products so dangerous? It’s the internal components that you need to worry about – they aren’t made to the same standards as genuine items, so they could catch fire or even explode. Definitely not something you want your kids to be unwrapping on Christmas day.

Cook Up A Festive Feast

Nearly half of us have admitted to leaving cooking unattended – and with a house full of family, friends and extra children running around at Christmas, it’s easy to get distracted. Try to cook on the hobs at the back of the stove, and turn the handles of your saucepans and frying pans inward. This will reduce the risk of a child accidentally knocking them off. If you can’t keep the kids out of the kitchen while you’re cooking up a festive feast, place child-proof covers on your oven and stove knobs, and consider getting a stove guard or safety gate.
And remember; don’t cook when you’ve had a few glasses of festive cheer!

Keeping these simple safety tips in mind during December will ensure that you and your family will enjoy a safe, happy holiday season. Let’s make this Christmas one to remember – in the best kind of way.

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