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Accidents in the kitchen are consistently in the top 4 sources of burns nationally for children injured by burns.

In 2023, there were 446 children admitted to an NHS Burns Service due to injuries related to kettle spills. This does not include the many more who were treated in A&E departments.

It’s astonishing just how easily a young child can badly burn themselves. But because their skin is thinner and more delicate than an adult’s, a baby or toddler is at greater risk of serious burns.

Most young children are burnt at home, when accidents can easily happen, for example by reaching for a cord hanging off the counter or grabbing a hot drink. Keep kettles and their cords out of the reach of little hands.

A burn injury is for life, the scars are physical as well as psychological, and can present life-long challenges for the individual and their families.

Survivor stories

Our inspiring burn survivors help us to highlight the shocking number of burns and scalds which are happening to children everyday. We thank them all for their wonderful support.



#BeBurnsAware reached 1.3m people around National Burn Awareness Day 2022


children a day are burned by hot drinks


children were burned or scalded in 2022

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A burn injury is for life

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