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Hot Water Bottles

Burns and scalds to children from hot water bottles have increased by 45%.

Brand new insight released on National Burn Awareness Day 2023 shows an alarming increase in the number of life-altering burn and scald injuries to babies and children involving hot water bottles.

New data from the International Burn Injury Database (iBID), shows that burn and scalds to children in the first six months of 2023 increased by 45% compared with the same period in 2022. Burns and scalds to adults and the elderly from hot water bottles have also increased by 19%.

Hot water bottles can be dangerous and cause burns if they are not cared for or used properly so please read the information below thoroughly and take care.

How to fill your hot water bottle safely

  • Bottles should only be filled by adults.
  • The bottle should be held upright by the neck.
  • Use cooled boiled water from the kettle to fill the bottle. Let the boiled water cool for about 5 mins before filling the bottle.
  • Fill to a maximum of two thirds full.
  • Carefully let out the air from the bottle, holding the neck away from you as you do it, before putting the stopper on.
  • Make sure the stopper is screwed on tightly.

Using your hot water bottle safely

  • Lullaby Trust advises never putting a hot water bottle in your baby’s sleep space – instead use the water bottle to warm the bed and then remove.
  • Never put a hot water bottle directly on your skin, use a cover.
  • Remind older children not to sit or lie on hot water bottles.

Do hot water bottles expire?

Yes, they do.

Rubber deteriorates over time so old hot water bottles can burst or leak and cause serious burns. It is advised to regularly check for signs of wear and tear and not use hot water bottles that are more than two years old.

The hot water bottle flower symbol

The flower symbol, below, found on hot water bottles, helpfully indicates exactly when it was made which enables you to know if it is more than two years old and should be replaced.

The number in the middle is the year it was made, the flower segments represent the 12 months of the year and the dots inside those represent the number of weeks. So this hot water bottle was made in April 2021 and is more than two years old.



children a day are burned by hot drinks


children were burned or scalded in 2022


decline in fundraising income last year

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